We  are Normandy Aircraft
Normandy Aircraft is dedicated to providing excellent aircraft maintenance service while keeping it personal and professional. The key word there is personal. Normandy Aircraft strongly believes that honesty, your experience with us and your safety are our biggest priorities. This is why Normandy Aircraft is proud to be fully licensed and insured. Wouldn't you want to know your mechanic took your wellbeing that serious? 

Normandy Aircraft proudly works not just with Part 91 operators, but also Part 135 and Part 141 operators as well. While being very diverse in experience, we are extensively experienced when it comes to seaplanes, antique/vintage aircraft maintenance and restoration, fabric applications/repairs, sheetmetal, STC conversions… to name a few! Normandy Aircraft is also available for emergency situations such as fleet line maintenance, dead batteries, retrieval, etc.

Normandy Aircraft is a proud member of the National Aeronca Association, AOPA, EAA, WPA, FATPNW and the sponsor of many highschool programs in the Puget Sound area promoting aviation maintenance and pilot careers. 

Our Story...

Normandy Aircraft started in a double car garage with one antique plane that a very determind A&P wanted to finish. This A&P was no other than the man who would later on lead this company, Logan. Since restoration costs money, Logan started hanging out at the airports all the time, taking up all sorts of aircraft maintenance side jobs on top of his full time A&P job to pay for the wood, fabric and other materials he needed for his project. This included assembling an entire Lake LA-4 airframe for a client that was in a lot of pieces on a giant pallet (that aircraft is now certified and flying as well!). 

What started as that hobby to build an airplane turned into a full time maintenance and restoration career- eventually moving from the two car garage to a full fledged shop on an air strip with a team of talented, experienced individuals available to help with whatever challenge came their way. 
Normandy Aircraft believes in keeping aviation fun and available to everyone:
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Annuals/100 hours/Conditional/Phase Inspections Available
  • Pre-Buy Inspections
  • Major & Minor Repairs/Alterations
  • STC Installations
  • Partial/Full Restoration Abilities
  • Sheet Metal, Fabric and Composite Repairs
  • Full Maintenance Facility @ S36 "Crest Airpark"
  • Mobile/Emergency Maintenance to S36, KRNT, KBFI, S50 and W36
Our Full-Time Team of Awesome

Logan "Woogie"

A&P and Manager

Most kids want to grow up and be doctors, lawyers or astronauts. Sadly, fighting the Galactic Empire or doing a barrel roll to deflect lasers wasn't an actual job available our very own Logan, or as some know him- "Woogy". He didn't let that stop him, however, from spending his life keeping others (and himself) in the sky safely. 

Growing up in a rural area in the middle of nowhere, Logan learned at a young age that aviation isn't just a hobby for some- it's a way of life. He dreamed of spending every day with the small and medium sized aircraft he loved. Little did he know that he'd grow up and do just that! "It just kind of happened" answers Logan whenever asked how exactly he got to this point. "One moment I was bead blasting aircraft parts for 8 strait hours, then I blinked and I was converting land planes into seaplanes. Next thing I knew, I was answering my phone as Normandy Aircraft while booking a fabric re-covering for an amazing client after a meeting with my priority part 135 operation I maintain. I'm still waiting for someone to call for me to save the world from evil aliens from outer space though". ​From a P&W R985 or a Wright R975 down to a Lycoming O-145, he can probably tell you a great story about working on one. Logan also enjoys fabric airplanes a lot- trust us, he will tell you. He will then proceed to tell you why Aeronca was a gift from above and be their biggest promoter... 80 years too late.

All joking aside, Logan has spent most of his life in, around or working on aircraft. While he is a fun loving, good spirited individual, he takes your aircraft maintenance and needs extremely serious. "Money doesn't grow on trees. Neither does reputations or relationships" stated Logan when asked what drives him and his Normandy Aircraft team. "I grew up in a place where honesty and integrity are the rules of the land. A person was only as good as their word and everything was settled on a hand shake. The world has changed a bit from how it was in that town, but those values still hold true to myself and my company". 

Logan received his initial ratings via the FAA's Practical Experience standards and was trained and mentored by some of the best A&P's in the region when it comes to his line of expertise. Logan has a strong history with vintage and antique aircraft and well know for his quality work involving tail draggers and seaplanes. He also helped build an outstanding Part 135 seaplane operation as well as assisted numerous Part 141 operations in become safe, well operating establishments when it comes to maintenance. 

And yes, he does own an Aeronca... a 1941 Aeronca 65-LB Super Chief, or as he calls it "65 horse power of doom"... 

Nate "The Yeti"
A&P and Lead Mechanic

Hailing from the great state of Texas is the Yeti himself, Mr. Nate. We've thought long and hard how to include a bio about Nate without it sounding like a professional wrestler or science fiction warrior... and deemed it impossible.

Nate proudly acquired his certification through the Aviation Maintenance program at Clover Park Technical College at KPLU while being the top of his class. Nate has a talent with engines that makes us very proud to have him as a vital member of our team. Nate's experience with fleet maintenance has helped the part 135 and 141 world keep flying while his quality of work and dedication shine like no other. Nate also has a Professional Pilot degree and enjoys flying a lot. 

Nate received a good portion of his experience and training working side by side with our very own Logan. The two met while working at a FBO when Nate was assigned to Logan's team and followed each other along the journey in aviation maintenance. During this time, the legendary "GO NATE" chant was born which led to movement that included jingles and even bumper stickers (Look at the shop tool boxes, you will see the bumper stickers on many things in Normandy). The shop also enjoys rhyming everything with his name, which will go on for hours. Nate is and continues to be a good sport about this despite the years of prolonged exposure to that nonsense. 


John Smutny 
LSRM – Airplane & Weight Shift 

Having been around aviation he entire life, it was inevitable that John would end up working in and around airplanes.  A Washington native, he began flying lessons at Renton when he was 15 and soloed a Cessna 150 Aerobat at 16.  During that same time, while working at the Museum of Flight got to help out on some of the restorations and even attempted to begin one on his own of the only existing Monte-Copter before a family move required passing the airframe along to another owner.  Later John spent 10 years at Boeing ending his career there working in Customer Support. 

Early in 2018 John attended the Light Sport Repairman’s course offered by Rainbow Aviation in Corning, CA, graduating with both Airplane and Weight Shift certifications along with a Rotax factory training certificate.  These certifications, along with over 18 years of owner maintenance on a Christen Eagle, Pitts, Cessna 172 and a Piper Cub gives John an extensive, well rounded maintenance background to support your airplane. 

Besides aircraft maintenance, John’s aviation passion extends to flying competitive aerobatics in his Christen Eagle or running any number of air shows across the US and Canada as an Air Boss.