Light Sport and Rotax Specialists
Normandy Aircraft now offers maintenance and support services for the growing fleet of SLSA & ELSA aircraft here in the Pacific Northwest.  Our FAA certificated Light Sport Repairman (LSRM Airplane & Weight Shift) with Rotax certified training and our A&P staff look forward to keeping your pride and joy safely in the air. 

Condition inspections, general maintenance, Letter of Authorization requests and pre-purchase inspections are just some of the services offered to Light Sport aircraft owners.  We follow all of the manufacturer manuals, Service Directives, Bulletins and Alerts. Where applicable, all FAA Airworthiness Directives and follow the CFR 43.13-1B Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices for the maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, and alteration of aircraft. 

Contact us today to schedule you first appointment and receive a $10 per hour labor discount.  Our standard shop rate is $95/hour plus parts and tax.  Aircraft are maintained and repaired in our hangars at Norman Grier Field, (S36).  We may be able to do mobile repair and service at your site.  Pricing will include travel time and any lodging required.  Contact us for availability. 

Normandy Aircraft LSA Hotline:  206-242-4170